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    Please note, Your Caviar phone delivery is FREE!


    We want You to enjoy our premium service, starting right now and accompanying You every time You deal with Caviar.


    From the moment You make an order and to the moment when You first take Your precious phone in Your hand, that phone will be under responsibility of a team of professionals. Any time You may contact Caviar online shop and trace phone movements on its way to You. Safety and integrity of Your order is guaranteed in any point of time or delivery route.


    In addition, in accordance with Italian family business traditions, a Caviar assistant will be available for Your assistance and comfort any time after delivery.


    We would like to express our deep gratitude for buying an exclusive Caviar phone. A wonderful experience of owning a smart and luxurious item starts here.




    There is no need to go anywhere, change Your plans or waste Your time in traffic jams. Stay in Your office or home, without getting distracted from Your own matters. Our specialist will meet You in agreed time and place, to hand you over a Caviar. You can decide if You are willing to buy or not after checking out the phone personally. The qualified specialist will answer any of Your questions.


    If You live in any other city but Moscow, Your phone will also be delivered for free in any time and place You find convenient. Forget about logistics, calling Your friends in Moscow or unplanned trip to the capital. Becoming Caviar phone owner is not just prestigious, but also easy. Delivery in Russia is by reliable, trustworthy and adequate Caviar carrier service. Your phone will be delivered in time and with duly attention.

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