In 1999, Elia Giacometti was put in charge of the family workshop to run his father's business. In 2011, when the luxury phone production project was very close to its start, Giacometti decided to alter the workshop layout and allocate a separate room to phone assembly. The decision was dictated by the need to protect sensitive electronics from metal powder and airborne dust that typically surround working places of jewelers processing metals and precious and semiprecious stones. The reconstruction took several months; his specialists' comfort was Giacometti's biggest concern when he was seeking to preserve the traditional and cozy environment in both the shops. As a result, he managed to create best conditions for long, meticulous and precise work on CAVIAR phones


    This is the place where CAVIAR phones are created. Each iPhone 4S gets taken apart and gilded to proceed into a PVD chamber for application of a 10 micron gold layer. "At the very beginning I decided to purchase special PVD equipment", Elia Giacometti says. "This method is the safest and assures unprecedented resistance of the coating to any type of mechanical effect. The same technology is used in watch making; due to it, gold would not wear off you watch even in case of constant contact to your body. It goes without saying that I mean high-quality watches."


    Stamping and engraving are done in the jewelry shop, the same one where Giacometti's ancestors used to work, the only difference being the division of the space done by Elia in 2011 to separate craftsmen producing jewelry from those making phones. "Some regulations and strict procedures needed to be introduced into our craftsmen's work. Each of our craftsmen has a passion and calling for jewelry making; they come to work at dawn, and sometimes I can't send them home when it's past midnight, believe me! Occasionally I think I would better work with the Chinese rather than Italians since the Chinese are disciplined and Italians only listen to their heart.  But they are best specialists in jewelry making!"

  • Exclusive

        In the world of material comforts nothing is appreciated more than exclusiveness. Exclusive items, be it a phone, a car or a piece of clothing or furniture, are unique and therefore hard to get. Such qualities are typical of items, crafted by hand. Crafted items, as opposed to flow-line manufacture, always distinguish their owner and underline his or her taste and wealth. Caviar phones are assembled in limited batches. Product range is duly replenished to avoid making a customer wait. However neither in Moscow nor in Italy You won’t be able to find a large warehouse with piles of precious phones collecting dust.

          Italian crafting traditions are full of family spirit. This is why everyone involved in Сaviar manufacturing treats it as his own child, with a great deal of love and care. Сaviar phones are assembled manually and fully convey the beauty and the comfort of sunlit Italian countryside, multiplied by zest for life and generosity of Russian soul that inspired the creator.

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